Upcoming Events

June13, 2014
Scotty's Bar
Deer Lodge

July 11, 2014
Alive After Five
5:00pm- 8:00pm

July 26,2014
Anaconda 30-year
high School
Class Reunion
To be announced

The Genuine Article band was first established when Randy Brown and Robin Anderson met during a parent-teacher’s conference for Randy’s son in the fall of 2004.  Randy, an experienced
bass and

guitar player, and Robin, rhythm guitarist/songwriter, met every Wednesday night in Randy’s basement and practiced music of all genres. Randy’s brothers, Corey White and Frank Brown,
who play

lead guitar and drums, respectively, would join in on occasion.  Randy’s brother Corey, came up with the name of the band when he saw a sign and thought it fit our genuinely original sound.

and Robin played their first “gig” in Dillon to help raise money for the YMCA.

As time went by,  they started playing at Robin’s house, Dave Hansen, the drummer, joined them as word went out that we needed a permanent drummer. A short time later, Bob Gotschall,

neighbor, joined the Band to play lead, when Corey’s job took him out of town. It wasn't long before they were playing oldies, rock, new country, and some original songs. They call their

“Classic Rock.”

As the months rolled by, Corey Cook, Dave’s young friend, came over to listen to the band. He wound up singing, picking up guitar, and finding his musical talent through the harmonica.
Corey can

sing with the best of them and likes all kinds of music.

Steve Nickliss joined the band after Dave, a U.S. Postman, met him on his postal route. After coming down to " just play," his unique lead guitar playing just gelled with the Band’s idea of

In the spring of 2009, Barb Nickliss, Steve's wife, joined the band with her keyboard. She has been a welcome addition with her unique style of play.

The Genuine Article has many original songs that were written by Robin, but developed by the Band. Their musical ideas and vision of thought have given all of them the talent to create new

that all generations can enjoy. They still practice every Wednesday night.

Since its inception, the Genuine Article Band has played in Dillon, at the It Club, The Depot in Butte, the Helsinki, Anaconda “Alive After Five,” and numerous places in Anaconda and Deer

as an opening act for Tim Montana. They are available for weddings, anniversaries,get-togethers, bar dances, and any other celebration that is in the making.